Here’s a first for me: a Wild Boar or Domestic PIg skull find. Yeah, we do have some Wild Boar or Feral Hog out here. I’ve seen some of their scat before.

I found this skull in a local park. I did not see or smell the rest of the skeleton or remains, but I did not fully scope out the area, either. And while I found the skull here, I do not know where the animal was killed, or how.

It was IDed by someone on iNaturalist. Although I was not congruent with the thought of Deer (too heavy and the shape was not exactly right), I was stuck thinking Deer because Boar (skull) I’ve never found before and the thought was “off my radar.”

The closest on the site Waking Up Wild is Javelina.

Sketchfab has a Wild Boar.

The California Academy of Sciences has more more Boar stuff here.

Good stuff on Brian Mccauley’s site.

Found 16 December 2022 somewhere along Cypress Creek, northwest of Houston, Texas.

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