Local Flora

More to come…

Visit Mark “Merriwether” Vorderbruggen’s Foraging Texas for a comprehensive, well-done list of edible and medicinal plants, with descriptions, Latin names, pictures, and more of each species.

To find out about local plants, visit the Native Plant Society of Texas’ Plant List Spreadsheet (other regions of Texas listed on their Plant Lists by Region, and visit Texas A&M University’s Native & Adapted Plants for Houstonn and their Trees of Texas (has pictures!). Wikipedia has a List of Trees of Texas.

For a list of ecological regions in our area and state, visit the Texas Almanac’s Texas Plant Life and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Plant Guidance by Ecoregions.

You can see lots of local flora on iNaturalist by searching locally. You could also peruse Michael’s INat account at michaelgold.