Dog-day Cicada (15Sept2022)

IDed for me on iNaturalist as “Neotibicen davisi, the Davis’ southeastern dog-day cicada or southern dog-day cicada.”

Songs of Insects says in Davis’ Southeastern Dog-day Cicada (Neotibicen davisi davisi)

“An attractive small cicada with rich brown and green markings, the Davis’ Southeastern Dog-day Cicada may be heard singing in coastal plain forests from New Jersey to Louisiana, from high in deciduous trees or pines.
Range Map for Davis’ Southeastern Dog-day Cicada.

“Song: A whining buzz without pulsations that sounds very similar to the song of Neotibicen canicularis, but with a much shorter duration of about 6–7 seconds. Song starts soft, gets louder, then tapers off at the end. The peak frequency is about 7 kHz. Over most of its range, the Davis’ Southeastern Dog-day Cicada is the only species with a short “buzz saw” song that lacks the pulsations typical of many other cicadas.”

And they have recordings of the species’ song.

Some biology and song is also in the “Neotibicen davisi aka Davis’ Southeastern Dog-Day Cicada” entry of Cicada Mania.

A little info is in the “Species Neotibicen davisi – Davis’ Southeastern Dog-Day Cicada” entry on Bug Guide.

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