DeKay’s Brownsnake (5Sept2022)

In “DeKay’s brown snake,” they say on Wikipedia:

“S. dekayi primarily feeds on slugs, snails, and earthworms. In the southern extent of its region the snake usually preys predominantly on earth worms, however in the northern reaches of its range slugs are the predominant food source. It has specialized jaws that allow it to remove snails from their shells for consumption. Reports of other invertebrates (such as woodlice, mites, or millipedes) in the diet of S. dekayi are more than likely the result of accidental ingestion rather than intentional feeding, in which one of these invertebrates may have adhered to a slug or other prey item being consumed.

“S. dekayi is a prey item for larger snakes, large frogs and toads, birds, and many mammals including weasels.”

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