Eastern Copperhead (3May2022)

Gorgeous!! Eastern Copperhead!!

I had the good fortune of seeing this little cutie. Awesome.

Note how it has no intention of harming me. It just wants to be left alone. If anything, it would get the hell out of there in pure fear for its life.

No AK-47. No machine gun. No nunchucks. No grenade. No fisticuffs. No Krav Maga. No taekwondo. No boxing. No wrestling. No strangling. No bow and arrow. It did nothing to me.

Snakes run from us – – in contrast, (some) dogs and humans run toward us. Snakes give me more than enough chance. Criminals do not. Psychopaths do not.

It just stayed there without moving as I took pictures for 5 or 10 minutes. I even walked away, and then walked back on purpose to test my ability to find it. Of course, I did.

It was there, curled up, enjoying nature, enjoying the sometimes sunshine. Breathing the fresh air. Doing stuff I was doing.

And thank goodness it is out there to keep our environment clean of dang disease-carrying rodents! Thank goodness for Copperheads!

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